Cover: Does it really matter? May be it does.

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Well a popular quote. Does cover really matter? Maybe it does.

No matter how much you say that the cover doesn’t matter, it is the first thing that affects your decision.
Marks, it is the only thing that will get you in position where you stop thinking it; face (outlook), it might be the reason you don’t talk with people properly or deviate to other person; money, without it you are restricted to do things.

Almost all people say and think, “I want a partner with whom I can be happy or who understands me. It doesn’t matter how he looks or how rich s/he is”.

However, in most cases, we do care how people look when we meet first or while we’re together. The money might not matter, as we say, but the happiness that can be achieved is by it does.

We have expectations, dreams, wishes, desires which need economy and gifts, phone calls, SMS doesn’t come for free!

It’s really difficult unless one gets a job. Happiness is of course satisfaction.

Provided a person is mature, Which girl doesn’t want the beautiful dress and studs? And which one doesn’t become happy when someone gifts it to her? Rare. Which girl wants to have a skinny and not so good looking guy as her choice? Which guy doesn’t have a look to a beautiful girl (or dressed charmingly), no matter? Pretty rare.
Who chooses a old, torn book first unless he doesn’t find a attractive and eye-catching covered one? Or who chooses the book with rugged pages when the same book exists in anew form?
Of course, exceptions do exist BUT everyone thinks s/he is the exception which is merely true.

3 things explained above, however, can be related to almost everything.

Original post in Facebook | Posted September 11, 2014 at 2:59pm.


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