Happy Birthday to me! :)

The day one is born is for sure the best day of his/her life and for the near and dear ones to him/her. If not, it SHOULD BE because it is a day when that person began his/her existence in this Earth and has begun all the activities that led him/her into the position s/he is today. So is my birthday to me and my near and dear ones (It should have been).

DAY BORN: वि.सं. २०५१ साल असोज / आश्विन ०१ गते [२०५१०६०१] (आश्विन सक्रान्ति, विश्वकर्मा पुजा, त्रयोदशी) (aka 1994 September 17 AD [1994-09-17]), शनिबार, approximately 1 PM

Celebrate as per: Calendar of Bikram Sambat

22nd BIRTHDAY Synopsis

Today, like previous years I had made the birthday private from Facebook and Google from where most people get to know the day in which I was born. This was, is and will be the part of my life so as to determine the importance of myself in other lives.

Despite of my birth date being private, considerable number of people wished me remembering it on their own. This particularly means to me a lot because if someone else remembers a day special to you, you must be a part of their life, a significant one.

I am really thankful to Aayusha, Smriti baini, Resha, Ajita, Mamta di, Binod, Rachana, Srijana, Pramisha and Samjhana for the wishes (Google included).  Of course some wishes were unexpected, some planned and some really very much special. Whatever the reasons were I really am glad that every one of you at least remembered.

Thank You for you lovely voice greeting and the chocolates. Thank you for the 12 AM call and the gift. Thank you for taking a leave for me before time. Thank You for the 12 AM wish despite having exams. Thank You for your ten day long countdown posts and for coming to Nepal. I do really appreciate all the efforts put down for me.

I spent the day with sisters: morning  internal exams, then with Mamta di to Snowman, Basantapur and Dharahara and then with Smriti baini at Dharahara and Park at Bhrikutimandap. Thank you both for your time. 🙂

Also the day incorporated other festivals: Bishwakarma Puja (always on Asoj 1), Rishi Panchami (On Panchami), National Science Day (on Asoj 1, incorporated from 2 years back). The day was really surprising: first the sunrise was extraordinary, then the day was sunny but cloudy and mild rain drops at times and finally to the near end, a pair of rainbow was seen while returning and the sun was hiding among the clouds letting ray of light pass through clouds and finally beautiful sunset. [Got to know later that rainbow always occur in pairs, one deep and other faint.]

21 YEARS Synopsis

I have passed 21 summers and equally seen the different colours of life. I’ve been through several phases of being the most naughty guy with fighting, local slang speech, extrovertedness to the most quietest, introverted and most studious guy and to what I am  today – extro-introverted, semi-studious and hyperactive guy. I’ve gained immense experiences, met thousands of people (in 4 schools, 1 college – even knowing most college students and staff).

Over these years, I’ve gained people and lost some in the process too. All in all, a roller coaster ride of life. Of course, if it hadn’t been life wouldn’t have been fun too. Without sadness, there would have been no meaning of happiness.


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